Solar System Simulator
Solar System Simulator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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Evaluation copies of SimSolar are provided at no charge, for a 30 day evaluation period. You are encouraged to pass copies of this software along to your friends and colleagues for evaluation. If you find the program useful and wish to continue using it beyond the 30 day evaluation period, payment of a registration fee is required.

Registration of SimSolar helps to fund further development of the software and provides a number of additional benefits:

Registration Fees

This software has been very reasonably priced so that the registration fee will not present an obstacle to continued use. The registration fees are as follows:

How to Register

To Order Online using your credit card - CLICK HERE

To order by mail, Click Here and print out the Order Form from your browser.
(You can also print the order form from the Help File, included with the program.)

The license fee can be paid by any of the following methods:

What You Will Receive

 We will immediately send your registration information (preferably via e-mail).

 Click on the UNREGISTERED box in the program start-up window and you will be prompted to enter your new registration code. Once entered, the extra features will automatically be enabled and your User Name will be displayed on start-up, in place of the UNREGISTERED notice.

 You will receive a receipt for your records, indicating that the program is properly registered. For multi-user and/or networked versions, a hard copy of the site license certificate can be requested for your records.

 You will receive (via e-mail) notice of the latest version information, along with the Internet Sites where any new upgrades can be downloaded. Your registration number will allow you to activate any minor revisions or upgrades.

 You will be placed on an e-mail list for immediate notification of any revisions to the software. Free access to minor revisions is included in the registration fee. Your privacy will be respected. We will not release your e-mail address or personal information to any third party.

 You will be provided with an e-mail address that can be used to obtain free Technical Support. Registered users will receive prompt attention in resolving any questions relating to existing features of the program. We will happily provide support regarding operation of the software. Should you find any bugs or errors, please report them using the same e-mail address.

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