Solar System Simulator
Solar System Simulator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
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Click on the small images to see a larger view.
SimSolar Controls are simple and intuitive, but they provide plenty of power for exploring the solar system. 

Context-sensitive Windows Help is provided for all controls. Just click on the control and hit F1.

Tilt and rotate scroll bars make it easy to view the solar system from any vantage point. Put the system in motion and watch as the planets move through their orbits at correct relative speeds. The motion of Earth's moon, and the reason behind the moon phase on any given date is clearly demonstrated.
Use the Zoom In/Out buttons to change the display scale. Zoom out to view the entire system or zoom in for a better look at the inner planets. Get a true feel for the size of the solar system and the spacing between orbits of the inner and outer planets.
SimSolar allows you to view the Sun, planets and orbits to scale. Compare the sizes of the Sun, Moon and planets, and gain an appreciation for the immense variation in size that exists across the system.
The Earth-Centered option clearly demonstrates the strange "retrograde" motion of Mars and Venus as seen from Earth. Turn the Spirograph feature on and watch the planets scribe out colored lines as they move along, creating a "cosmic" work of art.
The registered version of SimSolar offers some very cool additional features. Planet images are provided, from NASA's online image archive. A photorealistic Moon Phase Display calculates the phase of the moon for any selected date. Plus...

Detailed planet information pages are included with the registered version. The pages contain a large picture of the planet, a short summary of important information about it, and a table of vital data. Also, printing is supported for both the picture and the text. 

A full-featured Galilean Moons Simulator is included with the registered version. This program accurately calculates and displays the positions of the four bright moons of Jupiter for any selected date and time. Top-down and edge-on (telescope) views are shown simultaneously, providing a clear understanding of the reason behind the nightly rearrangement of the positions of the moons.

  • Adjustable viewpoint control tilts image to any angle.
  • Smooth orbital motion with adjustable speed control.
  • Time zone selector for simple setting of your GMT difference.
  • "Telescope View" mirrors image to match view in scope.

The registered version of SimSolar also includes a planetary alignment finder. It offers many options to help narrow the search for alignments to include only the favorable results
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